Your Impact

Thank you for being a volunteer!

The Food Depot volunteers really know how to get things done. When there’s an ask, you answer. When there’s a need, you fill it. When there’s a global pandemic shutting down schools, businesses and workplaces, you make sure that everyone in our community continues to have access to food. The Food Depot’s hunger relief work would not be possible without the incredible support of volunteers like you.

When the pandemic hit, we were faced with so many unknowns and the prospect of a vaccine was not yet on the horizon. Still, you put yourself on the line to show up for your community. You risked exposure to prepare pantry bags, load food into trunks, and provide our neighbors with a sense of hope at a dire moment. You followed strict COVID safety protocols to ensure this work could continue.

Whether you’ve been volunteering for over a decade or just joined the team yesterday, you are all playing an extremely important role in making our community a better place for all. Your work has helped shape the foundation on which The Food Depot stands, allows meals to be provided to people experiencing need today, and makes dreaming about a new future for the food bank possible.

Collectively, we provided 11.6 million pounds of food to people experiencing hunger in 2020. If you’re tired, the graph below may reflect why—this past year has been unlike any other. Behind these staggering numbers and all the labor you invested is a child knowing they’ll have breakfast in the morning, a parent opening a full refrigerator, and a senior eating a freshly prepared meal. All of these realities—and the ripple effect of health and well being these moments create—are possible because of you.