The Food Depot runs on volunteer power to repackage, sort, and distribute food—now more than ever—so we would love to ensure that you can sign up for volunteer shifts that fit your schedule and interests!

Once you’ve completed your Volunteer Enrollment Form, you will be added to our email list! We will send a scheduling email every other Friday with the upcoming volunteer projects. Each email will contain the volunteer schedule two to three weeks in advance. Upon receiving the email in your inbox, you can reply directly with your desired shifts, and Billie will respond within 2 business days to confirm.

Please note: that in order to volunteer, you must receive a confirmation email for each shift. Once you’ve had a couple of shifts under your belt, you’re welcome to sign up for a recurring shift(s) if you’d prefer to have a consistent schedule. Otherwise, you can continue signing up for individual shifts and have a more flexible commitment. Some shifts are likely to fill up quicker than others, so the sooner you email us the more likely you are to get the shift(s) that you desire.


In the coming months we will be transitioning to an online Volunteer Management System, which will enable you to log in and sign up for shifts directly from this webpage! Stay tuned.

In the meantime, if you are new, please be sure to submit your Volunteer Enrollment Form to Billie at and she will get you started, and answer any outstanding questions or concerns you may have.