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In 2020, volunteers like you invested over 27,000 hours into this hunger relief work—making it possible for The Food Depot to distribute over 11.5 million pounds of food. More importantly, you provided nutrition, a sense of security, and hope to our community’s most vulnerable—children, seniors, and individuals struggling to make ends meet.

The Food Depot’s highest priority has always been safety, but we took it up a notch when COVID hit (Okay, maybe it was more like 150 notches). Click here to read The Food Depot’s current COVID-19 Safety Policies.

Volunteer Spotlight!

This month we’d like to highlight the work of volunteer Anna Lebron! Anna, whose first language is Spanish, has been working as a remote volunteer in The Food Depot’s Resource Navigation program. Anna uses her bilingual skills to interpret conversations, provide resources to Spanish-only speaking individuals, and translate important documents.
To read more of Anna’s story, check out the Volunteer Spotlight!.

Ana Lebron

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